Update 9/12/2015: Pick Your Own is now over for the Season! With an extremely short crop due to the drought and heat this summer we were not expecting the crowds that visited over the last 2 days. Although we had hoped to pick for at least 2 weekends we regretfully have ended the picking for the season.

Depending on the growing season, our Stayman Winesap apples should be available for picking from early September till the end of our harvest season which is typically early October. Traditionally, the end of our picking season corresponds with our annual Apple Harvest Festival on the 3rd Saturday of October.

~ The orchard is open for pick your own apples on Friday Afternoons, Saturdays, and Sunday afternoons starting early September.

~ The Picking season varies depending on the growing season so be sure to check our website or facebook page for updates.

  ~ We offer Stayman Winesap for pick your own.  To learn more about the Stayman Winesap variety see the bottom of this page.

“We believe that the Stayman Winesap is the finest apple that grows in America.  If we were setting out an orchard of a thousand trees, eight hundred of them would be Stayman Winesaps.”  ~South Carolina Apple Grower, 1845~

The Stayman Winesap is an old southern variety of apple that has a multitude of uses.  The Stayman Winesap is a sweet aromatic apple that has a slight hint of tartness.  They are equally good for cooking and eating and retain their flavor when baked or used to make apple sauce.  Because of their unique flavor and attributes, the Stayman Winesap is an excellent choice for Apple Cider and we use it to make our own cider as much as possible.