Update 9/19/2017: We will open the orchard to picking again this Friday afternoon(9/22) from 12:00 till 6:00. Please be advised that it is extremely “slim pickings” but there is fruit remaining for those that are willing to look.  We will also have plenty of pre-picked apples available so you will not leave empty handed. This will be the last day for picking and we WILL NOT have picking this Saturday and Sunday. The Farm Stand and Cider Bar WILL BE OPEN REGULAR HOURS.  Please check back for updates.  

All other events remain as scheduled. 

Please see the link below for pricing details. 

Click Here For Apple Picking Prices

Depending on the growing season, our Stayman Winesap apples should be available for picking from early September till the end of our harvest season which is typically late September to early October.

~ This is agriculture! The Picking season varies depending on weather, the growing season, number of customers, and many other factors that are outside of our control.  Be sure to check our website and facebook page for updates on picking conditions.

  ~ We offer Stayman Winesap for pick your own.  The Stayman Winesap is an heirloom southern variety that has a multitude of uses.  The Stayman Winesap is a sweet aromatic apple that has a slight hint of tartness.  They are equally good for cooking and eating and retain their flavor when baked or used to make apple sauce.  Because of their unique flavor and attributes, the Stayman Winesap is an excellent choice for Cider, both Hard Cider and Sweet Cider.