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Valium India Online - Buy D10 Diazepam


Do You Accept Credit Cards:

Yes, we accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. However, since we are a farm, logistically we can only accept credit cards in limited areas so cash is encouraged. During busy times we also have cash only lines that move much quicker so please plan accordingly!

When is the Hard Cider Bar Open:

During the Fall Season the Hard Cider Bar is open on Friday evenings, Saturdays, and Sunday afternoons. During our Spring Season (May and Early June) the Hard Cider Bar is open Saturday and Sunday afternoons.  See our Order Valium Uk for details.

When is the Best Time to Visit: 

Our Fall Season (Mid-August till late December) is the most popular time of year for us. Both the Farm Stand and Cider Bar are Buy Valium Australia.  As you can imagine our busiest times are Weekends in September and October, with peak hours being between 12:00 and 4:00. November and December are a great time to visit for those looking to come during slower times and we usually have great weather those months. Our Spring Season (Weekends in May and Early June) is for the Cider Bar only and is another time to visit for great weather and slower times. As always, be sure to check our Cheap Valium Online Australia for a list of activities and other special events.  

Do You Have Fresh Apple Cider:

Yes, during our Fall season we have our fresh pressed Apple Cider available in both 1/2 Gal. and 1 Gal. jugs. This Cider is raw, cold pressed, and has a shelf life of approximately 2 weeks. Pack a cooler in the car and take a few gallons home with you!  

Do You Have Food:

We have a variety of seasonal treats available including our famous Apple Cider Donuts, Apple Cider Slush, Fried Apple Pies, locally made Pork Skins, Soft Pretzels and more! During our Spring Season food options are much more limited…Feel free to pack a picnic lunch!  

Can I Bring a Cooler:

Coolers are allowed for food only. Outside beverages are not allowed and coolers are subject to inspection. 

Are Dogs Allowed:

Yes, as long as they are well behaved and on a leash. Please keep in mind that we do have free-range chickens and pigs roaming around the farm, you may bring your dog(s) at your discretion.

What Time of Year Are You Open:

Fall is our traditional season. We have been open from Mid- August until Christmas for over 20 years! As demands have increased we have extended our season to include weekends in May and Early June, as well as a few special events during the summer months. Stay tuned to our Buy Valium Ampoules to remain up to date with special hours and events!

Are You Open If It Rains:

We typically remain open during inclement weather, however we are an outdoor venue and we occasionally need to close due to extreme weather. Our Buy Valium Ampoules will remain up to date regarding any weather related issues.

Are Children Allowed:

Yes, our business was built around the concept of A Fall Family Tradition! However, being a working farm, we strongly encourage parents / guardians to closely supervise their children to avoid damage to themselves and our farm. We are not a playground for running, yelling, climbing trees, and chasing animals. We are a sustainable farm with animals and trees that are here for a reason…please respect their work environment and take time to observe and learn!

Is There an Admission Fee:

There is not a fee to visit our orchard on regular weekdays and weekends. Prices vary depending and what you would like to purchase and/or what activities you would like to participate in. The only day that we charge a flat admission fee is during our annual Harvest Festival held on the 3rd Saturday in October.

 Are You Organic:

No we are not. Our climate is not conducive to organic farming and we prefer a sustainable business model with limited input if/when needed.

 Is your Hard Cider Gluten Free:

Yes, all of our Hard Ciders are naturally Gluten Free!