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About Us

Valium Prices Online - Buy Diazepam England

Open every Fall from Mid August until Christmas we offer visitors, Order Valium Uk, Buy Valium Australia, Fresh Pressed Apple Cider, Fresh Made Apple Products, and much much more.

Excerpt from article entitled, “You Don’t Get Apple Cider From a Cow” by Jayne Scarborough.

“Fritz and Catherine Gusmer grew up on apple cider in New Jersey. One Christmas after they moved to South Carolina in 1978, Fritz’ mother gave them a wooden apple cider press. The Gusmers and their children spent hours making cider.

Fritz and Catherine were searching for something he could do that would involve the entire family and allow him to stay close to home. The quest for a true apple cider doughnut finally gave them the solution. They could grow apples, press cider and make the doughnuts they’d been craving. Windy Hill Orchard and Cider Mill was born.

One taste of a hot apple cider doughnut and you will understand the quest that led to this business. Those in the know start coming the last week of August for the hot, fresh doughnuts.”

 Appearing in Sandlapper The South Carolina Magazine, Autumn 1997.